Bavarian Green Beans

Bavarian Green Beans Healthy Recipe

8 Servings 40 min Cook

Macros/Serving: 216 Calories
Tags: | salads


18 Oz Green Beans
1/3 Package (12 oz) Bacon
1/3 Cup, chopped Onions
1 Tbsp Vinegar
1 Tsp or 1 packet Mustard
4 Fl oz Beer
2 Tbsp Sugar
1/4 Tsp Salt
0 Tsp, ground Pepper
4 Cup Spaetzle
1 Tsp Parsley


Combine beans and a small amount of salt water in a saucepan, over a moderate flame.

Bring to a boil, reduce heat, cover, and cook until tender and heated through.

Remove from heat, drain well.

Combine bacon and onions in a skillet, over a moderate flame heat and stir for 5-10 minutes, until lightly browned.

Mix vinegar, mustard, beer, and sugar.

Mix well.

Season to taste with salt and pepper.

Heat to boiling.

Remove from heat, add the spaetzle and pour over beans.

Lastly sprinkle with finely chopped parsley.