Grilled Halibut Sandwiches with Jalapeño Slaw

Grilled Halibut Sandwiches with Jalapeño Slaw Healthy Recipe

2 Servings 15 min Cook

Macros/Serving: 750 Calories
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12 Oz Halibut
1 Dash Salt
1 Dash Pepper
2 Tbsp Grapeseed Oil
1/2 Head, small (about 4-1/2" dia) Cabbage
1/2 Small Onions
1 Pepper Jalapeno Peppers
1 1/3 Cup Fresh Cilantro
1 Tbsp Mayonnaise-Like Dressing
2 Tbsp Grapeseed Oil
2 Tbsp Rice Wine Vinegar
2 Tsp Sugar
2 Serving Brioche Bread
1 Fruit, without skin and seed Avocados


Cut the fillet in half so you have two square pieces.

Sprinkle both sides with salt and pepper and rub it generously with grapeseed oil.

Preheat your grill to medium heat.

To make the slaw, set the slicer blade in your food processor (alternatively you can use a mandoline or careful knife skills).

Slice the cabbage extra thin.

Do the same with the onion and jalapeno.

Collect them in a mixing bowl and add the cilantro.

Into the bowl, add the mayo, remaining grapeseed oil, rice vinegar, sugar, and a few pinches each of salt and pepper and toss well to dress.

Set aside in the fridge.

Clean your grill and oil the grates.

Heat to medium.

Grill the fish for 4-5 minutes on each side depending on the thickness of your fillet.

Brush the buns with oil and grill them just to warm through.

To assemble the sandwich, cover the bottom bun with avocado slices, then the fish filet and a healthy amount of slaw on top.

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