Delicious Black Bean Burgers

Delicious Black Bean Burgers Healthy Recipe

8 Servings 12 min Cook

Macros/Serving: 355 Calories
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8 Muffin English Muffins
2 Cup Canned Black Beans
1 Dash Salt
1/2 Medium (2-1/2" dia) Onions
2 Extra large Egg
1 Cup kernels Corn
2 Medium Carrots
1 Dash Pepper
8 Leaf inner Lettuce
2 Tbsp Vegetable Oil
4 Potato medium (2-1/4" to 3-1/4" dia) Potato


Drain black bleans.

Grate carrots.

Chop onions.

Shred potatoes.

Mash black beans with a fork in a large bowl.

Mix carrots, onion, potatoes, and corn into the mashed beans.

Stir eggs into bean mixture to integrate completely.

Form the mixture into 8 patties with wet hands; season with salt and black pepper.

Heat vegetable oil in a skillet over medium heat.

Cook the patties in hot oil until cooked through, about 6 minutes per side.

Place on muffin and garnish with lettuce.