Classic Omelet

Classic Omelet Healthy Recipe

1 Servings 3 min Cook

Macros/Serving: 299 Calories
Tags:keto | breakfast


2 Large Egg
1 Tsp Vegetable Oil
1 Oz Cheddar Cheese


Crack two eggs into a bowl and whisk until pale yellow.

Do not whisk too much or the eggs will fall apart in the pan.

Put oil into a small to medium sized non-stick cooking pan.

Turn on to medium-heat and let pan warm for up to 45 seconds.

Pour in eggs.

Wait about 10 seconds before pulling the edge of the eggs toward the center.

Repeat this process until the eggs form a crepe-like consistency.

(You may have to tilt the pan to allow the liquid egg to fill gaps and cook.

) When the eggs are mostly cooked (after maybe a minute and a half) sprinkle your cheese.

You may now add salt and pepper if you wish.

Almost any cheese works for a tasty omelet.

You can even add vegetables or meat.

Flip one edge of the egg on to itself to form a half-moon shape.

Allow the omelet to cook a little while longer on each side.

Serve immediately!